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Volume Panel is an enhanced replacement for your system volume control panel with an array of customization options, all system volume controls available in one place plus screen brightness, media playback controls, and a selection of additional shortcuts!

Replace your system volume panel with the Volume Button Override service, launch the panel from the nonobtrusive floating trigger, or map the handy shortcuts to other applications, it’s also extra useful if your volume keys are worn or damaged.

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Released onSep 17, 2019
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Features Of Volume Control App:

  • Horizontal or Vertical Sliders
  • Volume button override
  • Swipe Up/Down floating trigger

Long press & slide over the trigger to directly change the volume
Launcher shortcuts:

  • Multiple design template options
  • Choose Media or Ring as the default button response
  • Configurable Dark/Light Modes
  • Gradient color options.
  • Animated gradients colors – RGB IT UP!!
  • Auto Dark/Light Modes (Android 9+)
  • Custom vibration intensity
  • Custom animation duration
  • Start collapsed or expanded
  • Left or Right handed mode
  • Left or Right handed-in landscape
  • Left or right trigger

The panel will open on the same side as the trigger when launched from the trigger:

  • Custom vertical position
  • Custom panel timeout
  • Media control from your volume panel!
  • Screen brightness control
  • Swap/Invert Buttons
  • Force close system dialog
  • Optional Audio Feedback
  • Custom background, slider & icon colors
  • Adjustable panel height & width
  • Adjustable panel margin
  • Option to exclude from certain applications
  • Volume streams: Cast, Media, Ring, Notification (If Supported), Call & Alarm
  • Bluetooth volume control
  • Quick Settings Pull-down Tiles
  • Pinned Launcher Shortcuts (Oreo+)
  • Screen Shot shortcut(Android 9+)
  • Split Screen shortcut(Android 9+)
  • Lock Rotation shortcut
  • Power Menu Shortcut.
  • Google Assistant shortcut
  • Bluetooth shortcut
  • Flashlight shortcut, And more!

Similar List:

Quick Access Icons (in the panel):

  • Instant access to alarm clock & alarm status.
  • Mute microphone in call.
  • Mute media or casting streams.
  • Switch between speaker/earpiece when in call.
  • Toggle between Ring, Vibrate, or Do Not Disturb (Silent).
  • Screen Shot (Android 9+).

Quick Settings Pull Down Tiles:

  • Mute Media.
  • Toggle Ring Mode.
  • Launch Volume Panel.

Launcher Shortcuts:

  • Mute Media.
  • Toggle Ring Mode.
  • Launch Volume Panel.
  • Volume + / Volume-

Notification Volume

If the Notification Panel is enabled and splitting ring & notification is supported by the system, ring & notification are independent, if the notification panel is hidden, both streams are tied together and follow ring volume.

PLEASE NOTE: Button Mapping apps such as Button Mapper or Bixby Button Re-mapper may interfere if volume button customization is enabled, you can negate this by launching the volume panel from your button mapper and assigning the Vol+/- shortcuts.

Required Permissions (Feature Linked):

  • Accessibility – Detect volume +/- key presses.
  • Do Not Disturb Access.
  • Notification Listener Access – Detect audio casting.
  • Overlay Permissions – Show the panel as a system overlay.
  • Usage Access: Detect the presence of excluded applications.

If you would like to contribute to translating the app, please drop me an email.

Volume Control Panel does not collect, store, or share any personal information, nor does it have any of the permissions required to do so, it doesn’t even connect to the Internet!