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Screen Translator Download: Translate on Screen or Screen Translator app translates text into all languages on a mobile screen. Screen Translator app which is specially used to get instant translation.

On Screen Translator app provides a floating button, for translating any content with a simple drag and drop a floating button in any select area to translate on any apps or web page.

Screen Translate is useful for text translation in all languages and image translation with only one click.

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Released onApr 20, 2020

Capture the text from your mobile screen & translate the text. Free finger text translation without writing any words.

Translate on screen is small size. Screen translator app translates on screen and has the option to copy text and share it on social sides.

Magic Translator app translates any text while you are reading any other country’s news, and target translation will be displayed with only one click of a floating ball.

Screen Translator for all languages with Speak and Translate feature can interpret your words, chat, messages, or audio input to all languages.

It’s not only a Speech Translator but also a screen translator with all language translating options. It’s completely free for everyone.

Some Suggestions:

Translate on screen app is best for travelers, students, and also for businessmen. If you are a student and want to translate any documents or text in all languages, then screen translation will help you to know the meaning of each word.

Translate on screen app translates words in all languages with simple drag and drop of chat, news, etc.

Text Translator in all languages Text translate is a word input method & it also has a text copy-paste option you can copy this translation and share it with other devices.

Save the translation as a bookmark. Listen to translated text with text-to-speech. Just press the speaker button to listen text to voice.

Voice translator text to speech like traductor ingles esàñol or any language to 100+ مترجم and easily communicate to foreign people. Find the meaning of any sentences with a simple Drag and Drop option, Translate on-screen app.

All language translator is screen translator app. Just speak and translate all your words easily in the selected language.

The Screen Translator app is the best all-language translator by voice translator. Voice translation will provide quick voice translation in all languages.

Copy Translate is the Interpreter that will make your conversations much easier in all languages. A single click on any text on screen translator, and it gets automatically copied text. Now you can paste that text where you need it.

No need to write every time to copy any text on the screen translator, select text from the screen with this text copy tool and paste, share and translate selected text easily with Text copy, and Translate anything on the screen translator app.

This app uses Accessibility Service API to facilitate users in getting text from any app and translating it to their native language. App neithgetsget your data nor breach your privacy.